Hall of Fame - Batting | Thornton Park District Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
112618207715548174054025126*Johathan GabrielThornton Park2021/20221st Grade Competition12 1Kurri Weston
2932422681554817393888193Travis LingThornton Park2021/20222nd Grade Competition1 1City United
38122061151554817393861681Grant PowerThornton Park2021/20223rd Grade Competition8 1Kurri Weston
4689725921554817393943868*Daniel DwyerThornton Park2021/20225th Grade Competition6 1Northern Suburbs
5679932551554817393884767*Thomas HojerThornton Park2021/20224th Grade Competition7 1City United
6559386491554817392868455Riley PetrieThornton Park2021/2022Under 16's Div 14 1Northern Suburbs GOLD
7551101431554817393861255Kurt J EdwardsThornton Park2021/20223rd Grade Competition7 1City United
8539725921554817393943453*Daniel DwyerThornton Park2021/20225th Grade Competition5 1Eastern Suburbs GREEN
95117982431554817390951751*Matthew M GabrielThornton Park2021/20221st Grade Competition6 1Eastern Suburbs
10519725921554817393943051Daniel DwyerThornton Park2021/20225th Grade Competition4 1Western Suburbs
11501820771554817390951650Johathan GabrielThornton Park2021/20221st Grade Competition5 1Northern Suburbs
125014811811554817393554750*Sam BaileyThornton Park2021/2022Under 14's Division1 1Gresford District Junior Cricket Club
135022061151554817393943450*Grant PowerThornton Park2021/20225th Grade Competition5 1Eastern Suburbs GREEN
14501669851554817405402050Jake D MooreThornton Park2021/20221st Grade Competition7 1City United
15509738941554817405405250Jason D LambertThornton Park2021/20222nd Grade Competition7 1City United
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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